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  • Warm Luxury 
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Hello! My name is Ethel Zhang

Hi I’m Ethel and I lead a team of warm luxury home creators.

I have been passionate about real estate since I was 18. The pursuit of my passion has always been derived from the happiness of not just owning a house...but a home. The happiness of coming home to loved ones, the satisfaction of seeing home decor perfectly aligned to my vision and the enjoyment of home cooked food with family. My purpose here is to help others achieve the same happiness.

Having graduated from RMIT University, majoring in Finance and Economics, I started real estate investing when I was 22 and have since acquired 7 years of property investment experience. Alongside that, I entered Propnex 3 years ago as a rookie agent and am currently an Associate Group Director managing a young team specialising in new projects in the core central region and the city fringe areas.

Of course, it wasn’t an easy path to take as a young rookie agent working to climb the ranks. When I started out there were a lot of roadshows, property launches and cold calling that I experienced more rejections than ever and of course doubts will creep in. But you know what? My passion in real estate burns bright regardless and every single client who placed their trust in me keeps this passion burning even more to keep on going and upgrading myself.

On a personal note, I’m a visionary and an action taker having used my investment knowledge to initially invest in foreign real estate. With proper planning and the right use of leveraging, I then upgraded to a private property here in Singapore. Starting from 2019, I am more focused on going for self-improvement courses as I love to learn and invest in myself to provide the latest and most relevant info to my clients. I went for Tony Robbins NLP subconscious mind courses as well as overseas seminars in Taiwan to expand my knowledge. It further enhanced my sales skills, emotional management skills, leadership, coaching, public speaking and management skills.


My vision and mission in life:

Life is not just about money and work. I believe that the holistic approach and balance of life can be split into 6 aspects to achieve true happiness and wealth and every aspect should be a 100% target. They are:

  • Career
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Family
  • Dreams
  • Giving back to society

Everyone can live in their luxury home according to their standard of living and achieve financial freedom.

My mission is also to educate that it is necessary to match up external and internal mindset in order to achieve this end goal in life

Why should you meet me?

  • Do you know whether your dream home is achievable?
  • Do you want to break throughout of your current situation?
  • Find out how this holistic approach can help you!


"Thanks to Ethel, I achieved my dream home that I previously thought could not be possible!"
- Steven
"Hi Ethel, Thank you for selling at the highest price on the recent development!"
- Mr Goh
"With Ethel's advice, I have a clearer vision and methodology towards what I want to achive for my dreams and goals!"
- Michelle Tan
Yes! I want to achieve my dream!
Ethel zhang
Happy Client
Happy Client
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